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Registering a trademark has its own advantages of gaining exclusive legal rights on your trademark and accords better protection of your mark.

Trademark registering is mostly on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, registering your trademark at the earliest is always considered prudent so that no one can register your trademark and claim use besides you. The entire process of filing till registration takes two years to complete. After filing the trademark application, there are usually office actions and one need to response to the office actions. Once the Trademark Office is satisfied with the responses, it will publish the application in the Journal. Anyone can oppose the registration within three months of the publication. If opposed, the Trademark Registrar asks each party to present his case and allows denies registration accordingly. To make sure there are not many delays in the trademark procedure, care should be taken to chose a trademark which is unique, so that chances of opposition also becomes less.

From filing trademark application, preparing responses to office actions, filing opposition, responding to an opposition, attending opposition hearings whenever required to its final registration, Ligamine team of highly experienced trademark agents and attorneys understand such registration and are experienced of handling trademark registration.

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