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Our trademark team provides solutions from the pre-registration period of your trademark to the maintenance of your trademark post-registration. Given below are required documents regarding Trademark registration in India.

 Detailed below are required documents regarding Trademark registration in India.

1.   An application for Trademark signed by the applicant or his agent in requisite Trademark Form is filed in triplicate.
 2.    A specification that sufficiently explains the details of goods or services for which the application is made. Such a specification shall not ordinarily exceed 500 characters for each class.
 3.    A statement of user with respect to the period during which the Trademark has been used and by whom.
 4.    Representation of mark in prescribed size format and space.
 5.    Five copies of additional representation of mark that contains specification and class (es) of goods or services for which registration is sought, the name and address of the applicant/agent and the period of use, if any.
 6.   For an application claiming color combination, an application containing one reproduction of mark in black and white and four reproduction of the mark in color.
 7.    For an application claiming to be a three dimensional mark, the reproduction of the mark shall consist of a two dimensional graphic or photographic reproduction.
8.    For an application claiming packaging of goods, at least five different views of the trademark and a description by word of the mark.
 9.   Transliteration or translated of documents in words of scripts other than English or Hindi.
10.  For an application claiming priority, information related to date of earlier application, number of earlier application and state or country in which the earlier application was filed is furnished.
11.   Power of attorney including the name and status of the executants is submitted. It is however not required to be notarized or legalized.

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