Ligamine, Solicitors And Consultants



After years of continuous activity, Ligamine now leads as a full service boutique law firm serving a broad range of clients including the major firms. We deliver tailored services to all our clients covering registration, prosecution, licensing and counseling related to rera, property, matrimonial,trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and insolvancy and bankruptacy matters.

We strive to develop an in-depth understanding of each client’s case/matter and to deliver services in the manner that best suits the needs of each individual client. Our customized and cost-effective approach has enabled our clients to transform their ideas and innovations, into business opportunities.

We also focus on building, through continuous training and teaching, the professional capacities of our employees, and providing them with the latest technology to help them perform their work according to the advanced professional standards, so as to acquire the confidence and respect of clients all over the world.

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