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While filing a patent for your invention, there are several critical aspects to be followed especially in drafting the claims, which define the scope of the invention.

Different types of patent applications are filed. A patent application which is first filed in the Indian patent office without claiming priority from an earlier filed patent application is called an ordinary Indian patent application. The basis of India patent application is a legal document called a specification. Its contents determine whether a patent can be granted.  Ligamine  advises its clients regarding filing of ordinary patent applications in India. Each case is studied and the client is advised as to whether a provisional patent application has to be filed or a complete patent application has to be filed in the Indian Patent office. The specification will contain a full description of the invention. It is important that you put all the necessary information about the invention in the description. The application would also normally comprise claims. These set out exactly what is to be covered by the patent and must be carefully drafted to maximise protection for an invention. Finally, the application may contain drawings to illustrate the invention.
Once the application text has been prepared, this is filled at the Indian patent office .

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