Trademark Search

A trademark can help your company distinguish itself from others in the market place. It can identify and associate your products and services from others. Therefore, while starting a business one should also register its trademarks, along with other IP. However, before applying for registration, it is essential to check whether similar names exist in the Register for which the Examiner can reject the trademark application. For this reason, a trademark search is important before applying for a trademark. This will also provide an assurance that you are not infringing another party's trademark rights. We offer trademark searches of the name(s) you desire to register, having regard to the products/services you wish to offer. The report would list identical or similar marks appearing on the Registry. Additionally, we also advise our clients on how to avoid infringement and proceed for registration incase        similar/identical trademarks appear on the Trademark Registry. The trademark search report is provided within 24 hours.