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For financial institutions, their managers and their owners, the Banking & Financial Services of Ligamine offers the services of a law firm with a strong history and reputation in the financial services industry, whose attorneys have a thorough understanding of both business operations and the regulatory environment. They bring a range of experience in the private sector, and in government, that enables them to advise managers and investors seeking to identify and act upon opportunities that may be presented by the changing complexities of the financial landscape. 

At Ligamine, we provide comprehensive advice to regulated financial institutions and financial services firms worldwide, including banks, non-bank lenders, insurance and securities firms, and other intermediaries and their non-financial counterparties, counseling these entities on their organization and governance, transactions and operations. In addition, the firm’s attorneys have represented and advised a wide variety of other regulated financial service businesses, including broker-dealers, investment advisers, trust companies, onshore and offshore insurance and reinsurance companies and producers, managing general agents, pension funds and administrators, and related regulatory agencies. The Firm has unparalleled experience in bank securities offerings and its banking and finance practice covers a wide range of financing transactions such as:

Asset Recovery and Creditors’ Rights

Ligamine represents institutional and private investors and other creditors holding distressed debt. We deal with issues that arise from title defects and related claims, environmental problems, successor-developer issues, lender-liability claims, and litigation arising in connection with distressed assets. We have experience of working  efficiently to preserve legal rights.

Bank and Bank Holding Company Regulatory, Compliance & Operations

Our attorneys provide regulatory advice and representation to hundreds of financial institutions  in connection with matters before state, federal, and foreign regulatory agencies. Our experience in bank regulatory matters enables us to provide effective representation to investors and operators in virtually all matters, ranging from seeking new bank charters to expanding their operations.

Banking & Financial Services Regulatory & Securities

In today’s rapidly changing financial marketplace, financial institutions need a law firm that has a strong history and reputation in the industry, that understands business operations, and that helps evaluate the opportunities for operators and investors to respond quickly to the evolving and complex financial landscape. Our experienced Banking & Financial Services attorneys have that history, experience, and capability.

Banking & Financial Services Litigation

For helping clients to understand their legal issues, Ligamine assist them in managing risk and making the best strategic decisions for their organisation. Our attorneys provide comprehensive litigation services and counseling to the firm’s diverse array of banking and financial services clients. We are one of the few global legal entities to offer an integrated dispute resolution service to financial services clients, comprising market-leading advice in litigation, regulatory issues, arbitration, risk management etc. The firm represents national, regional and local banks, bank and financial holding companies and their subsidiaries, investment banks, private equity companies, mortgage servicers, credit unions, savings associations, and other financial institutions in commercial and consumer litigation matters around the country.

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